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MerX: Multiplayer FPS shooter
Action-packed PvP brawler with 4x4 team battles!
Choose your preferred combat role - support, attack, or defense - and engage in exciting battles with vivid 3D graphics! Collaborate with your team and confront players just like you in dynamic battles! Strive for victory by honing your skills, exploring different combat roles and making a significant impact! Earn rewards for your victories and strengthen your Mercs. The battle never ends!


The game's events take place in an alternate world of the near future.

At one point, humanity was experiencing a period of peace, prosperity and abundance. However, a series of catastrophic events, orchestrated by terrorist groups (or possibly other entities), nearly brought about the destruction of the planet.
Miraculously, people were able to cope with the catastrophe's consequences and resume a peaceful life.

The human drive for conflict, which will never disappear, no matter how perfect the world becomes, was the cause of past catastrophes. In order to prevent future catastrophes, people have come to the opinion that the approach to conflict must change. The MERX Arena project was created to provide a platform for individuals to experience the adrenaline rush of conflict, both as participants and spectators, while also allowing military corporations to develop new technologies under state control.
MERX Arena is a modern coliseum where participants use state-of-the-art weapons and equipment in battle, and the best ones become the stars of the planet.

The project's slogan is 'We changed the war.' Is it true?


  • The combat controls are easy, comfortable, and straightforward.
  • Impressive, yet optimized visuals and effects.
  • Three Merc classes: support, attack, and defense.
  • Each Merc provides unique combat abilities and gameplay role.
  • Competitive and fun adrenaline-boosted gameplay.
  • Rewards for progress in the game include cosmetics and power-ups for your Mercs through Battle Pass and Supply cases.
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